Palm Biorhythms

Palm Biorhythms 3.0

Get to know your biorhythms with this handy application

Palm Biorhythms is a freeware program that calculates and displays the main biorhythm cycles for any person.

Palm Biorhythms supports the following features:

  • Graphical display of the three main biorhythm cycles.
  • Configuration for multiple people and quick selection between them.
  • Daily summary of biorthythm values for all configured people.
  • Calendar display of critical days on a monthly basis.
  • Lists critical days in future.
  • Display of biorthythm compatibility between two people in bar graph format and multiple people in list format.
  • Choice of biorhythm compatibility algorithm. (The details of these algorithms are supplied for information.)
  • Support for 320x320 hi-resolution/hi-density devices.

Fun biorhythms program for Palm.

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Palm Biorhythms


Palm Biorhythms 3.0

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